Samsung’s Jet Bot AI+ robot vacuum is now available to pre-order for $1,299

Samsung at this year’s (virtual) CES introduced a new robot vacuum meant to compete with higher-end offerings from iRobot and the like. Six months later, it’s ready to launch. But are you prepared to shell out flagship smartphone-level money for one?

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ features an active stereo-type 3D sensor capable of scanning the area around it to detect and avoid obstacles as small as 1cm. It’s also equipped with an Intel AI solution that powers an object recognition function, allowing the vacuum to detect and classify items such as cups, cords and even pet waste as well as bigger objects like furniture and appliances.

A built-in LiDAR sensor scans the room and calculates the bot’s precise location to enhance cleaning efficiency. The Jet Bot AI+’s Digital Inverter Motor, according to Samsung, maximizes suction power for a deeper clean, and can even identify the type of surface it is cleaning and adjust suction power automatically.

Speaking of clean, the new bot uses what Samsung calls an Advanced 5 Layered Filtration system that traps 99.99 percent of micro dust, including 0.5~4.2µm sized particles. All parts and filters are washable, we’re told.

Like select solutions from iRobot, Samsung’s new bot works in conjunction with a Clean Station, which is essentially a docking station where dirt and debris is transferred from the bot to a stationary dust bin. Here, waste is stored in a 2.5L bag that only needs to be replaced every one to three months.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ is scheduled to launch in the US and Europe this month, and will be available in Latin America, Southeast Asian and CIS regions in the second half of 2021. Interested parties can pre-order the robot vacuum now for $1,299.