‘Stranger announced her pregnancy at my house – but she took the wrong test’

When it comes to taking a pregnancy test – is there such a thing as a right time or place to take one?

Some people might nip into their nearest public bathroom, while others will wait to do so in the privacy of their own home.

But one woman has claimed a complete stranger recently decided to snoop through her drawers and take a test while at her house for lunch.

The unnamed woman revealed all in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, where she explains the bizarre situation – which only seems to get more and more curious as she goes on.

In her post, she says she was hosting a lunch at her house for some friends and her pals invited along a new couple, named Doug and Sasha, that she and her husband had never met before.

During the visit, Sasha needed to use the facilities, so the woman told her she could use the bathroom off the master bedroom, as the other was occupied.

She goes on to say: “I was helping my husband finish with food when Sasha came out of the master bawling and holding something in her hand. At first I thought she hurt herself, but she said something to Doug that caused him to drop to his knees, cry, and begin kissing her stomach.

“All of our friends begin screaming, jumping, and crying. It was insane. Finally, Sasha tells my husband and I that she is pregnant.”

The woman congratulates the couple but admits she found it odd that Sasha had brought a pregnancy test with her and taken it at a complete stranger’s house.

But it turns out, that wasn’t exactly what had happened.

“Once everyone sat down to eat Sasha said: I hope you don’t mind that I used one of your pregnancy tests. I just saw them and had to.

“I responded (confused) I don’t have pregnancy tests. Sasha says yes, in your drawer.

“I asked if she meant the blue box in the back of my lower left drawer that was closed. She seemed to realize I was pointing out that she basically snooped and sheepishly said the box said pregnancy for pregnancy test. I said Sasha, the brand is Pregmate and those are ovulation tests. I do not own pregnancy tests. Did you take an ovulation test?”

Doug is said to have gotten upset at this point “saying his wife was not an idiot and can read a box”.

“He insisted Sasha get the test out and show me that I’m wrong. Sasha refused saying she didn’t need to prove anything to a complete stranger and insisted they leave immediately.

“One of the couples thought Doug and Sasha acted ridiculous. The other three couples thought I should have pulled Sasha aside to discuss my concerns and said I was an a**hole for saying something in front everyone.”

She adds that she did later find out through one of the friends that Sasha had in fact used an ovulation test and was not pregnant.

More than 1,300 people responded to the post, with many agreeing the woman did nothing wrong and the strangers were at fault.

One person replied: “NTA. I mean who goes through another person’s drawers and takes any kind of test. It’s her comeuppance to have taken the wrong test and embarrassed herself. Serves her right.”

Another wrote: “This is insane, to snoop through someone’s stuff, then take something, admit to it, then get mad that you took the ‘wrong’ thing and throw a tantrum.”

A third added: “Ovulation tests are not cheap. I’d be furious with her, who cares about her feelings when she’s rifling through your things and stealing them. Absolutely bizarre, unacceptable behaviour.”